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Parents with young children are always concerned over the undesirable effects of negative website on the internet which they have little control and at the same time they understand that the vast amount of knowledge base available on the internet can be a source of inspiration to their child's growing needs. How can they provide their children with access to this valuable information and at the same time protect them from those objectionable materials -- We-Blocker is the answer.

We-Blocker is a free parental control software for surfing the internet. We-Blocker is higly configurable, easy to install and parent friendly. It provides monitoring and filtering of internet access according to age group. Now you can control what your family sees on the internet.

We-Blocker is a community based software. As their homepages says “...We-Blocker lets parents help other parents by sharing their requests for websites that they want to see filtered. The "We" in We-Blocker stands for our collective community, made up of all We-Blocker users. Working together, "We" CAN make the Internet safe for everyone! ......... “ To find out more and to download the software click on the logo on the left to visit their site. We-Blocker website is highly informative and provides lots of details on how you can install and use this software, highly recommended and is totally free.

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