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A user report on FileZilla, A free ware Open Source software FTP client

FileZilla - freeware FTP Client, a user report.

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Filezilla is a totally free Open Source FTP client software but what is an FTP client software? FTP client is an Internet application that allows access to a remote computer over the Internet using the File Transfer Protocol. FTP client software allows transfer of files between two remotely located computers as they are on your desktop. You will need an FTP client if you are building web sites and your web server is located in a remote data-center away from your office or home. If you are looking for a small, fast, simple, well designed, multi language freeware FTP client software -- FileZilla is all you need and it is totally free as well!

The latest version of this no bullshit freeware FTP client software -- FileZilla is also getting more stable as compared to the previous release that I have tried. There are 4 other FTP clients software installed on my PC and for the last 4 months or so I found myself using FileZilla freeware ftp client 99% of the time. A few weeks ago I wanted to use Ws_ftp LE another freeware ftp client only to realise that I haven't set my firewall to allow Ws_ftp LE to connect since I switched firewall months ago! Guess what? I did not care to set my firewall rules to allow Ws_ftp LE to connect and instead I fired up FilZilla again! Believe me FileZilla maybe the only freeware FTP client software you ever need and is becoming the best freeware FTP client software for Windows!

A short history on FileZilla. FileZilla started as a student project in Germany by three computer science students sometime in the 2nd week of January 2001. Tim Koss the leader of this project turned FileZilla into an Open Source project after his campus days and hosted it on With renewed support from the open-source community and the people from SourceForge, Filezilla took on a new level. FileZilla currently rank among the top 20 of 77,000+ open-source projects on at the time of writing. is the world's largest Open Source Software development web site and download portal hosting over 77,000 OSS projects todate.

FileZilla is a powerful full-feature Open Source freeware FTP-client software designed to be easy to use, fast and reliable. It is compatible with most current versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP. Filezilla ftp client is also designed fully for Window OS from the ground up whereas most other Open Source projects were originated from Linux and later converted to Window OS. FileZilla ftp client is definitely one of the best freeware ftp client software for Windows after using it for months now.

As a Free FTP Client, Filezilla is equally suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Filezilla not only supports standard FTP protocol, it also supports SFTP or Secure FTP. SFTP uses encryption to transfer file securely over the Internet. SFTP is part of the SSH or Secure Shell package available on most Unix/Linux servers. I have not tried this SFTP yet with FileZilla so not much I can comment on now. However, a search on Google finds many university web sites giving instructions on how to connect to SFTP using FileZilla ftp client software.

Download size for Filezila ftp client software version 2.2.x is about 1.9Mb in zip file format. Installation of Filezila is simple, straightforward and easy. At the beginning of the installation FileZila offers several language choices including Chinese, English, Japanese, German and major European languages. After installation FileZila simply works "out of the box", no software config or adjustment required! Can't believe this with OSS software, was it just me or was I lucky or what? However if you need to change any FileZila ftp client pre-set configurations you can click on edit menu and then select setting to access to FileZila configuration option dialog box where you can change all FileZila freeware ftp client software configuration settings including connection setting, interface setting, file transfer setting and debug setting, etc. Filezila configuration option

The user interface, navigation and drag and drop with mouse on FileZilla ftp client software is very "Window Explorer" like. Window users will feel at home and can easily learn to use FileZilla freeware ftp client software in a short time. You will find the usual title bar and menu bar on the top of Filezilla followed by the tool bar just below them. Next you will find the quick connect bar that allows you to connect to an FTP server quickly by typing in the server address, user name, password and port number. Clicking on the "quick_connect" button willfilezila quick_connect bar login to that server if all the details keyed in are correct. This quick connect bar allows quick login to a server that is only needed once and doesn't require to keep that server's connection detail. However should you change your mind and decide to keep this connection detail in the quick connect bar, two clicks on file menu and select "copy connection to site manager" will create a new site profile in the site manager with the information you input in the quick connect bar. The Site Manager manages a list of sites or FTP servers that you frequently visit, the login information and server addresses necessary for the login are kept in an individual site profile for each site. By selecting a site profile from the Site Manager's site list, it allows connection to that server quickly without having to look up or remember the server details. You can create a new site profile by inputting the server information directly to the Site Manager or via the quick connect bar as mentioned above.

The main windows of Filezilla freeware ftp client software are divided into 3 rows. The top row is the message log window and all messages from the FTP server, action responses as well as server status are displayed here. The messages displayed at the message log window are colour coded with red for error status, green for responses from server, black for normal status report and blue for command you send to the server. If you find these messages fly out of the log window too fast and making it hard to read you can always right click on the message window and copy the whole log to the clip board and use a text editor to examine it. You can also set logging to file with the configuration option dialog box which will create a log file for these messages. filezila freeware ftp client software The middle row is the site window. It is divided into two columns, the left column is your "local site" window where the contents of your hard disk is displayed, also referred to as "local view" in the manual. The right column is the "remote site" window which displays the folder on your FTP server. Below this is the transfer queue status window which displays all files that are scheduled for upload/download and their progress. All these windows are user configurable from the view menu or you can toggle them on/off with the icon on the tool bar. You can also resize the various windows with your mouse by dragging on its divider. Of course you can also configure them at the configuration option dialog box mentioned earlier. Finally at the lowest portion of Filezilla freeware ftp client software is the status bar common to most Window GUI program.

At the site window where the "local site" and "remote site" windows are, you can view your files and folders either in tree view or folder view or both at the same time by selecting them from the view menu. The default setting of Filezilla freeware ftp client software shows the "local site" in both tree view and folder view on two windows, one above the other. The default Filezilla freeware ftp client software setting for the "remote site" only displays the folder view. Navigating between your "local site" window is the same as navigating on the server window and is same as in Windows Explorer. File upload or download is performed by double-clicking on the file or folder or by right-clicking with your mouse and selecting upload/download from the right-click menu. Selected file will be added to the transfer queue and the transfer starts automatically once in the queue window. You can select multiple folders and files by selecting them with your mouse then right-click and select the action you want from the right-click menu. Finally you can also transfer files between the local and remote site using drag and drop with Filezilla. Filezilla freeware ftp client software also allows adding files to the queue and performs transfer later; in this case select the files and folder you want to transfer and click Add to Queue from the menu. You can also drag the files directly into the transfer queue window. To start the transfer for these queuing files click on the transfer start button on the toolbar.filezilla transfer start When transfer starts the transfer queue window will display status message such as Filezila transfer queue window "Transferring", "Transfer Error ##", "Try again later", etc., a transfer progress bar showing percentage of transfer, a lapse time and time left timer are also displayed.

The status bar at the very bottom of FileZilla freeware ftp client software shows information about the current transfer and the total queue size. filezilla freeware ftp client status barThere are two LEDs on the bottom right of the status bar. The red LED indicates out going data and the green LED incoming data.

The on-line help from Filezilla's help menu is a full user manual. This manual is simple, easy, no nonsense and user friendly and one very useful help file that I have used. If this user manual still can't answer your questions or solve your problems you can always visit the help forum at FileZilla web site for further help.

Filezilla freeware ftp client software is the most complete free FTP client software I have used so far, replacing all the others I used previously. It does everything an FTP client software should do and does it well. The latest version is getting very stable, functionally complete and the interface is logically laid out and all in a very neat package. Filezilla freeware ftp client software is easy to set up and with its "out of the box" performance and user friendly, all in all makes it simply the best free FTP client software around. Thanks to Tim Koss and all those involved in the FileZilla Project for making it GPL and OSS. If you need a free FTP client software, look no further - FileZilla is highly recommended!

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