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 Pearl of The Orient - Shanghai

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  1. Evening view of Pudong, Shanghai across Huangpu River.
  2. The Orient Pearl TV Tower with its unique design of 2 large globes
      sandwiching five small globes and one more small globe at the top.

  3. At the base of the Orient Pearl TV Tower is the Seagull Plaza(restaurant)
      and a large globe with the world map.

  4. Shanghai City People's Heroes Memorial Tower (Monument for the
      People's Heroes) at the Bund, Shanghai.

  5. Surrounding Yu Yuan Garden is a bazaar offering curio, handicrafts
      and various snacks for tourists.

  6. Panorama view of Yu Yuan Garden.
  7. A picturesque classic entrance to a hallway inside Yu Yuan Garden.
  8. Night scene of a modern street in Shanghai.
  9. Night scene of the Bund (Wall street of Shanghai) from
      Huangpu River cruise

10. Night scene of Pudong and the unique Orient Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai.
11. Night view of the brightly illuminated Orient Pearl TV Tower and Pudong,

12. Brightly illuminated Orient Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai.
13. Beautifully illuminated night scene of Orient Pearl TV Tower and
      Pudong across Huangpu River.

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